Why this blog?

If you have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’ve attempted to start my own blog multiple times but always ended up failing. I’ve wanted to have a blog to gather all my random ideas in one place. However, there’s a slight problem with that: I hate writing.

After looking at other people’s blogs, I felt that a proper blog should have long articles. These articles would explain why you were doing something, how you stumbled upon the subject, a detailed description of the platform you were working on, and so on. I tried doing the same, but writing in that manner quickly bored me. I would then abandon the blog after only one or two articles every time.

This time, I’m approaching blogging differently. Instead of lengthy articles, I’ll be putting out brief, spontaneous thoughts on various subjects. Many of the articles I plan to write might resemble Twitter posts more than traditional blog entries, but they’ll be direct and to the point. Hopefully, writing like this won’t make me bored and I will actually update this site once in a while.