I was born in 2003 and since my early childhood, I was always interested in technology. I had an idea that I should make an Android app that would scrape websites and show me relevant information. That was when I started with coding. I watched a large number of online tutorials teaching myself the basics of Java. After some time I got bored of it and started being possessed with automation. I wrote bots that would automatically find different windows, different pixel colours and then simulate mouse movement and keyboard input. Over time I shifted to C#/.NET and to this day it’s probably my favourite language to work with. Eventually, I got bored even with doing bots and my next go-to was making game cheats. It wasn’t because I would like the idea of cheating in a video game, but because I found it extremely interesting to reverse engineer the game to find things that I needed to make the cheat and to find holes in the game’s anti-cheat to not get banned while doing so.

This is where I am today. Having some reverse engineering skills and what I call above-average understanding of Windows internals. My goal is to get to university and finish it and then get a job where I could apply this knowledge.

I made this site to share interesting things that I found along the way.